University of Missouri Homecoming

October 20, 2018

The University of Missouri is excited to celebrate it's 105th Homecoming this year. We invite you to visit the Mizzou Alumni Association's website for more information.  

What weekend is Homecoming this year?

Homecoming weekend is Friday October 21-Sunday October 23.

Is there a place where I can see all of the Homecoming events taking place?

Yes, click here to see all of our Mizzou Homecoming 2016 events.

Where can I purchase Homecoming football tickets?

Click here to buy Mizzou football tickets.

Yes! Check out all of our different levels of involvement for Homecoming 2016 to find the level that best fits you and your organization. 

Can I be involved in Homecoming if I'm not a part of a Greek organization?

The blood drive will be October 10-13, and you can register to give blood here.

When is the blood drive and where can I sign up?

Check out our Mizzou Homecoming 2016 Rulebook for all rules and information.

Where can I find the details of every event and the rules my organization needs to follow?

For more information, please contact homecoming